Rescue Cat So Happy to Be Adopted He Can't Stop Hugging His Human...

Rescue Cat So Happy to Be Adopted He Can't Stop Hugging His Human...


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When this ginger cat met his forever human, he was so happy that he couldn't stop hugging and licking her face.

Meet Honeycake the cat!

Courtesy: Michigan Cat Rescue

Honeycake had a very rough start to life. He survived being tossed out of a moving car. Someone picked up the kitten and took him to a shelter.

However, the shelter had a deadline for the ginger boy. When Michigan Cat Rescue, a no-kill rescue group, learned about the kitten's dire situation, they rushed to the shelter and pulled him out so he could have a second chance at life that he so deserves.

The ginger boy was so grateful to his rescuers that he smothered them with affection.

Courtesy: Michigan Cat Rescue

Every day Honeycake hoped for that special someone to come and take him home.

On November 12th, his dream finally came true.

Courtesy: Michigan Cat Rescue

A nurse named Renee met the little ginger cat and instantly fell in love.

Honeycake the lovebug showered her with love and kisses. He snuggled up to her and licked all over her face as if he was saying: "You are my human now!"

Courtesy: Michigan Cat Rescue

"[Renee] said from now on, Honeycake (renamed Finnegan) will receive nothing but lots of love and kisses."

The ginger boy cuddled in her arms and didn't want to let go.

Courtesy: Michigan Cat Rescue

Watch this cute video:


Home with his forever human.

Renee P.

Happy and loved!

Renee P.

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