Rescue Cat Surprises Shelter with 9 Little Fur Babies!


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Misha the rescue cat mama from Toronto Cat Rescue didn't just give birth to 5 or 6 kittens. She brought 9 little furry ones into her foster home.

Here is Misha the cat mom and her love and dedication for her 9 kittens - Thomkins, Travis, Tess, Toby, Tyler, Townes, Tex, Tumnas, and Tucker.

Photos courtesy of Christine Gittings (more photos), the foster mom. Follow Toronto Cat Rescue on Facebook.

Misha the rescue cat mom came to her foster home with an enormous belly that was ready to pop.

She didn't just give birth to 5 or 6 kittens, she gave birth to 9.

9 very hungry little furry ones.

They keep their mom very busy.

Misha keeps an watchful eye on her kittens and gives them an unlimited supply of love and care.

A hug always helps.

Before their eyes opened, they always snuggled in a puddle.

When they got bigger, they still loved it :).

Misha and her kittens have found their forever homes thanks to Toronto Cat Rescue.

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