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Man Gets Kitty Therapy from Rescue Cats. It Looks Like Heaven!


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This man is getting some kitty therapy from 10 rescue cats. It looks a bit like heaven! :)

"Cats really are the best medicine! … I recently visited The Cat House on the Kings, a non profit sanctuary in California that's home to over 700 rescued cats!" Chris, human dad of Cole and Marmalade, said.

After a long day, he sat down with these gorgeous kitties who came up to him and gave him headbutts and snuggles. He ran out of arms to pet them all.

YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

"The Cat House on the Kings provides a great home for all of their residents and do so much more to help stop pet overpopulation, in the last 2 years they spent $250,000 spaying and neutering community cats and dogs!" Chris said.

So these little love bugs could have a second chance to live a happy and love filled life! In return, they provide the best therapy that one could ask for.

One of these kitties gives unlimited headbumps! :)

YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

Watch the full video here. It will bring a smile to your face :):

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