Rescue Dog Helps Feed 30 Stray Cats Every Day and Save Their Lives

Rescue Dog Helps Feed 30 Stray Cats Every Day and Save Their Lives


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A young couple from Athens, Greece started feeding stray cats in their neighborhood after they adopted their rescue dog, Meli three and a half years ago.

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Meli took a liking to the stray kitties since day one. One of them followed her around whenever they went out for a walk. When the kitty got sick, they brought him in, and he's been part of their family ever since.

Every day they take a long walk around the neighborhood to feed around 30 stray cats, but that's not all they do. Fay and Dionisis spay and neuter all the kitties they can trap and provide medical care so that every neighborhood cat can live a happy and healthy life.

They started feeding the stray cats around their building and it became a daily responsibility. The feline word traveled fast and next thing they knew, many neighborhood cats marched in and joined the daily feasts.

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Their dog Meli shares a very special bond with each and every single kitty they feed. The cats see her as their food provider, who comes to feed them three times a day.

All the kitties come running when their canine friend arrives.

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99% of the cats in the neighborhood have been spayed/neutered.

The couple is doing everything they can to regulate the colony population while making sure that the cats are well fed and have access to medical care.

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Meli greets the kitties with a nose kiss while her owners distribute the food.

She has helped socialize many stray cats that were once terrified of people. The kitties are drawn to her and just follow her around the block.

Some of them are able to adapt into an indoor life and be put up for adoption.

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The couple don't always get approval from the neighbors for what they do, but their action has proven to keep the colony population under control while maintaining the neighborhood's cleanliness.

"Some of the neighbors are understanding and accept our love for the animals and our need to care for them."

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They founded a rescue group named SCARS with a mission to rescue, spay/neuter local stray cats, and find them homes.

"We keep going. Unstoppable."

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