2 Bonded Siamese Cats Reunited at Foster Home, the Cat Father Never Leaves His Family's Side

2 Bonded Siamese Cats Reunited at Foster Home, the Cat Father Never Leaves His Family's Side


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A bonded Siamese pair was separated when they were abandoned at the shelter. When they found each other again at their new foster home, the father never left his soulmate and her newborn babies.

Meet Omar and Seashells!

Courtesy: Christina Kay Burlison

They were abandoned at a high kill shelter in Los Angeles. These two soulmates were separated and became very depressed. They stopped eating and became sick. What no one knew was that Seashells was pregnant.

Southern California Siamese Rescue (CASR) learned about the bonded pair and took them out of the shelter and placed them in a foster home, where they met Christina Kay Burlison, their foster mom.

The two were reunited at last, and soon they found out about Seashells' pregnancy.

Courtesy: Christina Kay Burlison

One morning, Seashells gave birth to five healthy babies.

"Seashells came on my bed that morning in between me and my husband purring away and had 5 kittens so far with Omar helping clean her and kittens, these two are truly bonded," Christina of CASR said.

Courtesy: Christina Kay Burlison

Omar was there for Seashells and the kittens every step of the way. He helped her when she needed to take a break and helped her again even when she was with the kittens.

Mama Seashells feeding her hungry kittens. Look at that little face!

Courtesy: Christina Kay Burlison

One Big Happy Family!

Omar and Seashells cuddling with their tiny babies.

Courtesy: Christina Kay Burlison

When the kittens were nursing, Omar was there to provide mama some comfort and a lot of purrs.

Courtesy: Christina Kay Burlison

Endless amount of cuddles.

Courtesy: Christina Kay Burlison

Kitty pile!

Alan, Princess, Smokey, Macy and Velvet.

Courtesy: Christina Kay Burlison

The amazing Omar babysitting the kittens while Seashells is away getting replenished.

This guy is a keeper!

Courtesy: Christina Kay Burlison

It would be heart-breaking to separate the two, so Omar and Seashells were adopted together by their foster family. Their five little fur babies also found their forever homes.

They have been renamed Tony and Sheba.

Courtesy: Christina Kay Burlison

Watch the story in this cute video:

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You can help their rescue efforts by visiting Southern California Siamese Rescue's website's website or Facebook page.

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