Rescue Story of Vic the Sweet, Mellow Tuxedo Girl

Rescue Story of Vic the Sweet, Mellow Tuxedo Girl


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Written by Giane Portal.

Two days after we adopted out a lovely tuxedo that we rescued, I went back to the street to feed the cats. Once again I noticed another tuxedo there. She was very sick, couldn't eat properly because her nose was congested and she had to breathe through her mouth. She could hardly breathe while eating.

I thought I should trap her and have her taken care of. So I rushed home and brought a laundry basket since our carrier was used to transport another rescue to her new family. It was very difficult at first because she did not trust me, so I waited for a long time until I found the right moment to take her and bring her home. She was crying a lot because of her sickness. I took her to the vet on the same day and got her some medicine.

She was then named Vic who was very timid and afraid of everything, so we gave her a room to herself and the space she needed to feel secure. At night she kept crying because of her health issues and she wanted someone to keep her company, so I moved her to our room and she settled right underneath our bed. With lots of love and care, she started to trust us. It took a while for her to come out of her shell and make herself present to the rest of the cats in the house.

When she is with us, she is a lovely little doll who is so sweet and always asks to be petted, brushed, and loved. She is the most mellow cat I have seen and a big purr machine. When she is very happy, she even drools a little bit. Whenever I get home from work, she and her friend Lua will welcome me by rolling on their back and showing me their bellies.

I love Vic so much and I'm very happy that she is part of this big cat family!

Photos courtesy of Giane Portal (flickr: fofurasfelinas).

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