Rescued Feral Cat Surprises His Human One Day When He Decides to Love...

Rescued Feral Cat Surprises His Human One Day When He Decides to Love...


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A feral cat escaped certain death after he was rescued from a shelter. Months later, he surprised his human by starting to trust and love.

Meet Lemon Pie!

Love Your Feral Felines

Lemon Pie was put on death row at a local shelter because he was deemed feral and didn't meet the shelter's adoption criteria.

But his life was saved by a group of rescuers who knew that cats like him deserve a chance at a good life. Love Your Feral Felines, a North San Diego rescue group, has the perfect solution for them.

They got Lemon Pie out of the shelter along with another feral cat named Harry Potter. After getting them neutered, they paired them up with a barn home where they would thrive in.

Love Your Feral Felines

The barn was in need of help with their rodent problem, so they called in the most perfect and natural pest control - Lemon Pie and Harry Potter.

The owner of the barn built a spacious cat house for the their feline barn guardians. The kitties settled right into their new home, and the rodents have been kept at bay ever since.

Love Your Feral Felines

Both kitties loved their new home and felt safe and comfortable.

They enjoyed roaming around the area, selecting their napping spots and keeping a distance from their humans so they could coexist peacefully.

Love Your Feral Felines

Months after they moved into their new home, Lemon Pie suddenly decided to walk into his humans' house and nap on their bed for the very first time.

"It was like a switch flipped. One day they were feral, and the next day they were enjoying humans," the rescue told Love Meow.

Love Your Feral Felines

After that wonderful indoor experience, Lemon Pie continued to open up. He snuggled up to his human one day for some pets and love.

"Lemon Pie will let me pet him. Huge leap for him," Annie, human mom, said. "I've been able to get Harry in the garage over night for the past 3 days."

Love Your Feral Felines

"With time they learned to love and trust and now enjoying being held and coming inside for naps on the bed," the rescue told Love Meow.

Cuddling with his favorite human in the world! :)

Love Your Feral Felines

Love Your Feral Felines started their "Barn Cat" program a few years ago to save feral cats that would otherwise be euthanized and give them a chance to thrive.

With the right home, these kitties have come out of their shell and blossomed!

Love Your Feral Felines

Now Lemon Pie and Harry Potter are enjoying their lives while excelling at their job keeping those unwanted visitors away from their little kingdom.

The kitties protect their humans and their home like the true guardians they are.

Love Your Feral Felines

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