Rescued Kitten Ginger, the Little Rascal

Rescued Kitten Ginger, the Little Rascal


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A couple, Avril and Norbert, decided to adopt a new cat after they lost a kitten due to illness. "Norbert’s friend's mom who is a veterinarian had some kittens at her clinic that were up for adoption. She occasionally gets kittens that have been abandoned and could not be taken cared for. Ginger was the last one to get adopted," said Avril.

"Ginger is a Siamese/Tabby mix. She is now 3 months. It will be interesting to see how she will turn out when she gets older. She's unique as she has a bobtail which makes her extra cute," said Avril. "Ginger is a loving, curious, happy, and playful kitten. She loves people and our Newfoundland. She constantly wants to play and she loves to lick, especially our faces. Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night with a cat next to you licking your face. She’s very affectionate."

There are a few things that Ginger often does in the house. "She likes feet, computers, water, tissues and paper. She attacks all of our feet (including the dog). She finds computers so interesting that she walks on them all the time. She's absolutely fascinated by water. We close the door where the shower is so she won't come in, but she waits outside the door until someone comes out and she will sneak in lickety split. I have allergies, so every chance she gets she takes my tissues. Printing paper is her favorite toy and she loves to attack and crumple every sheet."

"Ginger loves to sleep in bed with us. If we don't let her in our room she cries, cries and cries. So we give in. She will sleep in between us next to our faces….eventually sneaking in the covers to be near our feet."

Photos courtesy of ©Avril Lynn Dudley.

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