Review Furreal Friends Lulu a Robotic Kitten Cat Toy

Review Furreal Friends Lulu a Robotic Kitten Cat Toy


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Meet Lulu, a robotic ginger and white cat that can meow, purr, clean her whiskers, lick her paws, lie down on the side, blink her eyes and perform a variety of other movements.

The little kitty is very responsive to every touch. She would turn her head, raise her paw or roll on the side as you pet her. [See Sega Toy's Robot Cat]

According to Amazon reviews, this toy is most welcomed by three groups of people:

- Young children

- Elderly

- Disabled


Furreal Friends Lulu is a perfect therapy toy for many patients. According to a customer who purchased a FurReal Friends Lulu for a nearly completely blind woman, the woman "could see [slight] movements, and felt so much love and happiness. She wanted to sleep with it." Another buyer whose mother was also blind felt it was a "great comfort to her."

Children also love this toy because it responds to their every touch and keeps them interested and entertained. Many customers also revealed that they are adults but are equally captivated by this beautiful toy because of its resemblance to real cats.  The movements are lifelike. One mother mentioned that Lulu was so realistic that the robot cat even cried throughout the entire trip in her car on their way home.


Some people think Furreal friends Lulu is somewhat overpriced. Each FurReal Friends Lulu costs at a retail price of $54.99. It comes with a comb and a special adoption certificate. You are right, the cat does shed a little bit. Also, this toy contains small parts such as a marble, a small ball, etc. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old. If your children are under the age of 8, adult supervision is highly recommended.

Finally, not every real cat is fond of this robot cat. While most of them are indifferent about this programmed robotic feline, others may be frightened by it.

(Click the video to meet Furreal Friends Lulu)

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