Scrawny Stray Kitten Walks Up to Lacrosse Team, Meowing for Love

Scrawny Stray Kitten Walks Up to Lacrosse Team, Meowing for Love


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A scrawny little stray kitten walked up to a lacrosse team after practice, begging for food and love.

Courtesy: @arya.regent

The friendly fluffy stray went up to the team, trying to get their attention.

"I found the little one along with the other coach and the captain of the team," the coach shares with Love Meow. "The captain asked if we could name her Regent… It's the mascot of the high school I coach at."

The kitty was just skin and bones and very dehydrated. "You can feel the bones whenever you petted or picked her up… Someone offered a tortilla and she ate it all."

They knew they couldn't leave the kitten at the field, so the coach took her home.

Courtesy: @arya.regent

The kitty got a much-needed flea bath and a full belly at last. "The first day, she ate a ton of food."

The grateful little kitty purred up a storm and started making biscuits with her paws while cuddling with her rescuer.

Courtesy: @arya.regent

Their hearts were completely stolen that night.

Worrying that someone might be missing their cat, they asked the guys who own the field if anyone inquired about a missing kitten, and also notified local shelters around the area about the cat, but no one came forward to claim her.

Courtesy: @arya.regent

After a trip to the vet, no microchip was found, and it was then they knew they could finally keep her forever.

She was just 3 months old at the time, weighing only about 2 lbs.

Courtesy: @arya.regent

Soon they introduced her to their resident cat, a rescue calico named Arya.

"I let the little one roam around the apartment while I prepped both their bowls for breakfast. No hissing and no running away! The older kitten prefers to watch at a distance while the little one wants to sniff her!"

Courtesy: @arya.regent

After four long weeks, this happened!

Arya finally accepted Regent into the family, and lots of cuddles ensued.

Courtesy: @arya.regent

A month and 3 lbs later, Regent started the power play for the bed.

"I found myself at the edge of the bed with the SO in the middle and the two fur babies nestled in between us."

Courtesy: @arya.regent

Nine months ago little Regent found her human at the lacrosse practice.

No one knew how she ended up at the field, but she found the right person for help, and now she's thriving at her forever loving home.

Courtesy: @arya.regent

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