Scraggly Senior Cat is So Thankful to Be Saved and Loved, He Returns the Favor


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A scraggly senior cat was found wandering on the street all alone. When he was given a home and love, he was so thankful that he couldn't stop loving back.

Meet Pappy!

Courtesy: Kitty Adventure Rescue League

Pappy the cat was found as a stray by animal control. Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League (KARL) rescued him and took him into her cat sanctuary in Fort Worth, Texas. Even before they got home, he was already showing so much affection.

As soon as Pappy arrived, they realized just how much love this scrawny old man had in him. "He was clearly someone's pet at one time," Karyn Poplin of KARL told Love Meow.

Pappy can't stop the affection!

Courtesy: Kitty Adventure Rescue League

"He's skinny, sniffly, scraggly, and scabby, but he's full of so much affection, and he is so dang thankful to have a place to call home," Poplin said.

They don't know Pappy's history or the exact age, but they believe he is over 13 years old.

"We don't know how long he's been without love, but we know that he will never have to wonder if anyone cares about him ever again or where his next meal will come from."

After a very needed bath, he's purring up a storm.

Courtesy: Kitty Adventure Rescue League

Two weeks after he moved into his new home, he is much healthier and happier.

"His wounds have healed nicely, he's starting to see some new hair growth, and he's put on some good healthy weight!

"He has a brand new shirt (because it's Texas and our AC is on constantly, he gets chilly), some new best friends, and best of all, he gets to snuggle in the bed with us!"

Pappy sharing food with 13-year-old blind kitty Hammond.

Courtesy: Kitty Adventure Rescue League

He's friendly to other resident cats and has already made a few best friends.

Pappy getting ready to take a cat nap with Teak, 11.

Courtesy: Kitty Adventure Rescue League

Pappy is adjusting so well and adores his new family.

"He is the happiest cat on earth. He could not get enough attention last night!" Poplin told Love Meow.

Nap time with Gerald (his forever human dad).

Courtesy: Kitty Adventure Rescue League

They took him off the street and love him like family, and he returns the favor by loving them back even more.

Pappy's found his new favorite nap spot :).

Courtesy: Kitty Adventure Rescue League

What love can do! Share this story with your friends! Follow Pappy on Kitty Adventure Rescue League's Facebook page.

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