Cat Shows Her Human Love By Wearing Her Heart Every Day


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This beautiful tuxedo cat shows her human love every day by wearing her heart on her chest.

Meet Zoë the cat!

Courtesy: @izzyandthefluff

"We found Zoë by accident really. We were planning on adopting one kitten and we had chosen Izzy at first," Joanne Smienk (@izzyandthefluff), Zoë's human mom, told Love Meow.

"When we went to pick her up we saw Zoë too, and she charmed us with her adorable heart marking (that surprisingly no one had noticed before) and her playfull attitude."

But what sealed the deal for them was when they found out how close the two kittens were. "They were the only tuxedos of their litter and did everything together. We couldn't resist their sisterly love and went home with both."

Courtesy: @izzyandthefluff

Though they are sisters, they are quite different.

"They each have distinct personalities. Izzy is not afraid of anything and is very very cuddly. When playing, she likes to jump to catch things," Joanne told Love Meow.

"Zoë is a bit shy towards people, but is still very affectionate to us. She will always be close and usually lays down next to me with her paws on my arm."

The two kittens moved into their forever home at 8 weeks. They were totally inseparable.

Courtesy: @izzyandthefluff

Now at 11 months, the two sisters have all grown up and are still like two peas in a pod.

Courtesy: @izzyandthefluff

Zoë is quite an adventurous one. "Her curiosity has caused her to fall in the (full) bath tub four times so far," Joanne said.

She wears a beautiful heart-shaped tuxedo. She knows she's gorgeous!

Courtesy: @izzyandthefluff

Every day she tells her humans how much she loves them by wearing her heart on her chest.

Courtesy: @izzyandthefluff

Wherever she goes, she carries her big heart and spreads love around.

Courtesy: @izzyandthefluff

It's hard not to feel loved when Zoë is around.

Courtesy: @izzyandthefluff

If you ever wondered what Zoë's heart looks like when she walks...

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