Shelter Cat Sits in Her Human's Arms Wanting to Be Adopted


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This shelter cat sat in her human's arms and didn't want to go anywhere but to go home with them.

Courtesy of Kevin Smith

A family went to an adoption event in San Diego looking for a cat to take home. "While most of the other cats were huddled up in a corner, Moby was very chill," Kevin Smith told Love Meow.

"When they took her out of the cage she just sat in our arms and didn't try and run away like the other cats did," Smith said.

Moby looked into their eyes as if she was telling them to take her home. "We knew we had to adopt her!"

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First day home!

Courtesy of Kevin Smith

She is super happy that she's no longer living in the shelter.

Courtesy of Kevin Smith

Moby has unique markings and different colored eyes.

"I like how it looks like someone took a paint brush that made that black spot and the one eye a different color than the other."

Courtesy of Kevin Smith

Adult cats make wonderful companions!

Courtesy of Kevin Smith

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