Shy Kitten Lived Under Mobile Home Cuddles for the First Time, It Changes Everything..


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A tiny stray kitten, just skin and bones, was found living under a mobile home. He never wanted anything to do with humans, but the day after he was rescued, everything changed!

Carmen Weinberg at Animal Friends Project

Carmen Weinberg of Animal Friends Project (in Delray Beach, South Florida) was out feeding community cats when she came across kittens in need of rescue at a mobile home park.

She placed food and water for the homeless kitties and immediately reached out to social media to find them help. Soon several kittens were taken in by rescuers except the skinniest white kitten, who was too shy to come out from hiding.

Carmen came back to make sure the kitten was OK and was determined to get him to safety.

Carmen Weinberg at Animal Friends Project

She put some food down to try to coax the kitten out and urged people to offer this little guy a foster home on Facebook.

The elusive little kitten didn't make it easy for his rescuer to find him, but he was so hungry that he couldn't resist the food.

Carmen Weinberg at Animal Friends Project

After hours of waiting, Carmen got the kitten in a humane trap.

That day, his stray life was officially over!

Carmen Weinberg at Animal Friends Project

The kitten was very scared, cowering in the trap, but nothing some canned kitten food and pets couldn't change.

Carmen Weinberg at Animal Friends Project

He was shaking but slowly opened up. At one point, he let Carmen pet him through the trap.

It was then she knew that this kitty would be all right.

Carmen Weinberg at Animal Friends Project

When he discovered cuddles, everything changed. He began to purr and couldn't get enough of love.

"This cutie that yesterday morning was sleeping under a mobile home and eating scraps of food! Look at him now," Carmen shares with Love Meow.

Carmen Weinberg at Animal Friends Project

Overnight the 7-week-old kitten went from a frightened little stray to an affectionate cuddle bug. Carmen has found him a foster home and will transport him there after his vet visit.

"They deserve the chance to live a life worth living, feeling safe and loved. They have lots of love to offer," Carmen said.

Carmen Weinberg at Animal Friends Project

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