Simba a Lovely and Friendly Persian Kitten

Simba a Lovely and Friendly Persian Kitten


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This lovely Persian kitty is named Simba. His mane and fluff have earned him a nickname, Little Lion. Simba is an affectionate little furball who loves people, craves for their attention and does not like to be left alone. Simba lives with two siblings in the house - Cow (a tuxedo) and Pearl (a Scottish Fold).

Simba often snores when he naps and whines for more love when someone is around. When he first met his brother and sister, he was not shy at all. He reached out to introduce himself and was very friendly towards them.

Simba is still a frisky, dynamic little kitten with lots of spunk & mischief. He loves to explore around the house and play hide and seek with his siblings.

It gives Simba's mom, Wendy, a fuzzy feeling every time he snuggles with one of his siblings in a nap. When Simba has a specific request for the food he desires, Wendy often finds herself caving in for the little clever one. He can be very picky sometimes, but his mom makes sure that he gets the best of everything.

"Simba is my daughter Emma's favorite furry friend, and I am a cat slave for all my babies," said Wendy.

Photos and story courtesy of Wendy (©maomao). You can see more pictures of Simba and his siblings at Wendy's blog.

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