Smart Cat Who Lives Like a Human

Smart Cat Who Lives Like a Human


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An attorney has managed to teach his cat a useful skill - one that'll save money in the pet-care aisle.  FOX's Flint Adam reports.

Bonnie, a lovely tabby cat, loves to learn new tricks. In fact her owner, Adam Dread, considers Bonnie a human. Dread has taken Bonnie to a local hardware store, a place where we don't usually find a feline. Bonnie seems to be well adaptable to different places and very sociable to people around her.

At home, Bonnie has picked up another human skill - toilet skill. Bonnie can go to the bathroom the same way we do and even flush the toilet afterwards. She only uses the guest toilet, keeping her owner's toilet to himself. Everything started when Dread purchased a toilet training kit from the Internet.

If Bonnie is able to learn to open the bridge and fetch her owner a beer, Dread said no need for anyone else in his life.

Play the video below to meet Bonnie:

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