Snoopy the Cat, New Internet Sensation

Snoopy the Cat, New Internet Sensation


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Snoopy (born on May 11, 2011) an Exotic Shorthair show cat from Chengdu, Sichuan, China, has become an international internet sensation. Within 2 months after Snoopy's photos emerged on the web, he had gained tens of thousands of followers. Fans created tumblr and instagram accounts for Snoopy, but the round face, big eyes kitty isn't affected by the instant fame from the web. As usual, "he spends 17 hours a day sleeping, 2 hours a day playing, 1 hour a day grooming himself, 2 hours a day eating, and 2 hours a day thinking about cat things," according to Snoopy's fan page.

Snoopy's personality is just like Garfield from the cartoon according to his mom. His favorite pastimes are sleeping and eating. Today, Snoopy has millions of fans from all over the world who just can't get enough of that adorable face. Snoopy might just be the real life Garfield.

Photos by Snoopy's mom via Weibo.

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