Special Cat Who Walks Like Kangaroo Bonds with Another Ginger After Both Abandoned (With Updates)

Special Cat Who Walks Like Kangaroo Bonds with Another Ginger After Both Abandoned (With Updates)


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A ginger cat who walks on her hind legs was found sharing an inseparable bond with another ginger kitty after they were abandoned in a cat colony.

Meet Roo and Marty.

Courtesy: Kim Womack

Roo the cat with the bent front legs is one of the many kitties found abandoned in a cat colony in New Jersey.

Rescuers of Zeus and the Kitty Cats (Elmer, NJ) come to them every day to provide shelter and food while trying to get all the cats trapped and placed into foster care.

These two buddies were always seen together, totally inseparable.

"(Marty) is the big cat next to Roo all the time. They will be adopted together," Kim Womack told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Kim Womack

Roo, who walks like a little kangaroo clung to her best friend, and the fluffy ginger watched over his special friend every step of the way.

Courtesy: Kim Womack

But little Roo needed a lot of help. They were able to get her off the cat colony and straight to the vet to get the medical care she desperately needed.

She was so hungry that she scarfed down all the food they gave her.

Courtesy: Kim Womack

Despite Roo's deformity, this two-year old wonder cat can get around just fine. Nothing can slow her down.

Though Roo was finally in a safe and warm place, something was missing—her best friend, Marty.

Courtesy: Kim Womack

She looked for him for a couple days until one day, they brought in a friend to her foster home.

A familiar face with a lot of fluff was sitting on the couch awaiting little Roo.

It was Marty, Roo's partner in crime.

Courtesy: Kim Womack

After a few sniffs, Marty immediately started grooming his old friend as if they had never been apart.

Courtesy: Kim Womack

"He really does love her."

Watch this adorable video!

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