Stray Cat Seeking Affection from Everyone, Finds His Way onto People's Laps at an Office

Stray Cat Seeking Affection from Everyone, Finds His Way onto People's Laps at an Office


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A cat who was seeking affection from everyone, found his way onto people's laps at an office.

snuggly cat strayMr. Panther the cat@littlewanderersadoptions

A young cat was spotted wandering outside with injured paws in the Bronx, New York. He continued to seek attention from people and hoped someone would take him in. It was clear from the start that he didn't belong to the tough street life.

Little Wanderers NYC volunteers rushed to the scene and was able to bring the sweet panther kitty to safety. "We thought he had a broken foot, but turns out, he was hit by a car that left him with two broken front legs," Little Wanderers NYC shared.

With time, his front paws fully healed, leaving the cat (named Mr. Panther) with a "funny" gait.

meowing stray kittenHe was found outside as a stray@littlewanderersadoptions

Nothing seemed to hinder Mr. Panther from demanding attention and pets. As soon as he was brought indoors, he scarfed down a full plate of food and then walked up to his rescuers for affection and head scritches.

He felt so comfortable and content having a roof over his head knowing that he would never have to step foot outside to fend for himself again.

happy panther kitty cat@littlewanderersadoptions

Mr. Panther would purr up a storm and rub his face on his humans, vying for their attention. He was very snuggly from the start and just wanted to be doted on all day long.

He settled into his temporary living arrangements and lay down on a rug for a nap, catching up for lost sleep.

sleeping cat@littlewanderersadoptions

Since his injuries had healed, Mr. Panther didn't require surgical intervention and was prescribed plenty of rest and TLC.

A foster volunteer brought him to their office filing room so he could have a safe place to stay and many people to cuddle with, while they continued to seek a long-term foster home or an adopter for the deserving boy.

snuggly catMr. Panther is very snuggly and affectionate@littlewanderersadoptions

"He gets along perfectly with his office coworkers. His morning routine is running to greet them when the office opens, and snuggling on their laps during the day. It's all in a hard day's work for Mr. Panther," the rescue shared.

Watch Mr. Panther the cat in this cute video:

Mr. Panther the

"He loves interactive toys like his floppy fish and chirpy bird. He'd love to get some real work life balance by living in a home where he can have more companionship."

panther kitty cat toy@littlewanderersadoptions

The sweet panther kitty brings smiles and happiness to many people every morning when they come into work. He offers to warm their lap whenever they need a friend to snuggle. He fills every space that he graces, with his rumbling purrs.

After roaming the streets for so long, Mr. Panther is more than ready to find his happily-ever-after.

happy cat sleepyMr. Panther enjoys lap time with his coworkers@littlewanderersadoptions

"Don't let his funny walk fool you. This little guy will run right into your heart."

panther kitty cat@littlewanderersadoptions

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