Stray Cat Saunters Into Firehouse and Decides the Crew Will Be His Forever Humans...


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A ginger and white cat showed up at a firehouse one day and decided to make it his home. The cat wasn't "kitten" around. He has never left ever since.

Meet Flame the arson cat!

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

Flame came to Belmont Fire Department in Greenville SC and claimed it as his new kingdom. When Chief Segars saw the cat lounging casually inside the firehouse, he was surprised and amused.

The crew informed him that, "he lives here now."

When they first found Flame, he was starving. The kitty moved himself in, then made a beeline to the kitchen and raided every cabinet for food. At the time they had some fried chicken in the fridge, so the guys offered it to Flame who wolfed it down.

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

They knew that the feline buddy was there to stay and no one had to heart to say no. From that day on, Flame brought something really special to everyone at the fire house.

A crew member spent his break time to give Flame some back scratches. The ginger boy is very pleased.

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

The fearless cat loves patrolling around the firehouse, keeping everything in check for his humans.

He offers a helping paw whenever someone is working on the truck.

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

Despite all the noises and alarms going off at the firehouse, nothing bothers him.

The confident feline just casually sits over to the side, watching firefighters take off to a rescue mission.

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

Flame gives a hose inspection every day. His dedication to his job is amazing!

If he spots an error, he's not shy of voicing his opinions.

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

Can you spot Flame?

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

Flame received a gift (fire truck toy) from a human admirer and right away he cuddled with it for a nap.

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

Every night they tuck him in bed before saying good night.

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

The crew at the Belmont Fire Department adores their little feline companion.

Their job can be very stressful and sometimes heartbreaking, but Flame is able to offer them comfort that no one else could.

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

The best way to relax is to lie on the floor with their feline friend.

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

They got Flame his very own helmet!

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

They welcomed Flame into the firehouse when he needed a home, and now he is watching over his human buddies every day, filling their hearts with love and lots of purrs.

Flame the arson cat @flamethearsoncat

Watch Flame's story in this cute video:

Flame and his tail.

Playing driving with his buddy.

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