Stray Kitten Wins Hearts of Family that Found Her on the Street

Stray Kitten Wins Hearts of Family that Found Her on the Street


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A couple found a tiny kitten without a mom. They got her the help she needed, and couldn't stop thinking about her.

tabby kitten, cuteSusie @dcfostermomsusie

A couple spotted a newborn kitten all alone outside in a neighborhood in Washington D.C.. Knowing that she needed round-the-clock bottle feedings, they immediately sought help for her.

"The kitten came to me at two days old. She was seemingly abandoned among a known colony of community cats in D.C.," Susie H., a foster volunteer of Humane Rescue Alliance, told Love Meow. "She had a strong purr, which goes hard and loud during her post bottle cuddle sessions."

The kitten whom they named Petunia (aka Tuna) was quite the talker despite being so little. She had a lot to say when she was awake, and would keep meowing for attention until she was cuddled.

tiny, newborn kitten, tabbySusie @dcfostermomsusie

"When I was on work calls or writing in my home office, she was usually on my lap so I could keep her company," Susie added.

As the kitten continued to grow, her personality quickly blossomed. She won over the resident cat, Ari, who offered to kitten-sit the little one whenever Susie needed to step away for a bit. Every time Tuna cried, he came running to check on her.

cat, cuddle, kittenSusie @dcfostermomsusie

"Tuna became a bit needy. When she was not sleeping, she wanted to be cuddling," Susie said. "When I had to do things around the house, I sometimes carried her in my sweater pocket so she could observe and stay content."

The tabby's original finders fell in love with the kitten on the day they found her. They couldn't stop thinking about her and kept in touch with the rescue for her updates. Every time they saw her little face, they grew even fonder of the sweet kitten.

tiny, tabby kitten, cat bedSusie @dcfostermomsusie

A few weeks later, Susie brought home a new foster named Clozee. Tuna who was about one week behind in development, was so excited to have a friend to play with. She desperately wanted to keep up with her feline friend despite still trying to figure out her legs and coordination.

After hopping and waddling about with Clozee, Tuna wrapped her arms around her, doing what she did best.

cuddles, tabby kitten, kittensSusie @dcfostermomsusie

When it came time to wean, it was a breeze with the little tabby. She took to it with flying colors. "I put the dish down in front of her and before I could even settle down to the ground to show her what's up, she was scarfing away with minimal mess," Susie said.

After getting a full belly, Tuna looked around to find a warm body to snuggle with. "When Tuna wants cuddles, Tuna gets cuddles."

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Video: Tuna the tabby dreaming about treats.

The two buddies really blossomed in foster care. Tuna showed her friend how to be a professional lap cat and introduced her to her foster brother Ari.

The mischievous tabby also taught Clozee how to sneak up upon the ginger cat and play with his big, fluffy tail.

kittens, cute kitten, lap catSusie @dcfostermomsusie

The couple who rescued Tuna, fell head over heels for the kitten and came back for her. They decided to make her a permanent part of their family.

"She went from the size of a chicken egg to a full fledged chick. To complete the circle, she drove off (a few days ago) with the couple who originally found her and decided they couldn't live without her," Susie said.

cute kitten, tabbySusie @dcfostermomsusie

"Tuna was such an easy kitten to foster—so happy, healthy, and cuddly. The last week she got into a habit of waking me up in the morning by sticking her face in mine, purring, and kissing my nose."

Her friend Clozee has also been adopted into a good home. The sweet tabby is loving her VIP life and continues to give everyone around her cuddles.

cuddles, hug, kittenSusie @dcfostermomsusie

The little former stray has flourished into a gorgeous tabby kitty.

"I'm just grateful I got to spend some time loving (these kittens) as part of their journey," Susie said.

tabby kitten, paws, cuteSusie @dcfostermomsusie

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