Stray Kitten Shows Up on Patio, Meowing to Open the Door, Now 2 Years Later..


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A scrawny street kitten showed up on the patio of a house in 2015. He kept meowing loudly as if he was begging to be let in.

Meet Binx!

Supplied by reddit/hrtofdixie

The young woman, who lived there, heard the cry and came to the door to find a little tuxedo crying on her patio. Her two other cats also came to check on the kitten, sniffing through the screen door.

"I put out a little wet food and when he had his back turned I reached out the screen door and scooped him up," reddit user hrtofdixie shared with Love Meow.

The little stray was just skin and bones, covered in fleas. After filling his belly with lots of good food, he got a much-needed bath and was finally flea-free.

Supplied by reddit/hrtofdixie

For the first time in a while, Binx could rest comfortably in his very own soft, comfy bed at a safe home.

The kind woman planned to foster the kitten until she could find him a good home, but the clever little tuxedo quickly reminded her why he came to find her in the first place--Binx had already made his choice!

Supplied by reddit/hrtofdixie

The kitty brought a lot of joy and quirks into the household. On the day he moved in, he took to the oldest feline resident and decided to keep him company and cuddle with him whenever he could.

Nickel the 16-year-old cat wasn't so sure about the young kitten at first, but soon the two began to snuggle, and it continued on for many weeks.

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The sweet senior cat crossed the rainbow bridge one month later. He passed his legacy onto his little protege.

"I don't think it was a coincidence and I like to believe Nickel told Binx all his secrets before he left," she said. "He's such a sweetheart and he soothed my heart after losing Nickel."

Supplied by reddit/hrtofdixie

When Binx wants something, he surely knows how to get it.

Supplied by reddit/hrtofdixie

He's quite a character!

Binx trying to watch TV with his human mom!

Supplied by reddit/hrtofdixie

Guarding his human mom when she sleeps.

Supplied by reddit/hrtofdixie

Now two years later, Binx has blossomed into a gorgeous fluffy cat!

"Binx is doing great! He is big and handsome and sweet when he wants to be," Binx's human mom told Love Meow.

Supplied by reddit/hrtofdixie

"It's funny how life works sometimes. I definitely hit the kitty lottery."

Supplied by reddit/hrtofdixie

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