Stray Kitten Wanders Into Office and Decides to "Help"...

Stray Kitten Wanders Into Office and Decides to "Help"...


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An employee found a tiny stray outside her company demanding love and attention. She brought him in and the fluffy kitten wandered into one of the offices and decided to offer some "help".

TJ Widbin

"Our office assistant brought in a stray cat, he (wouldn't) leave my office," TJ Widbin wrote via reddit.

Everyone at the company was smitten with the little feline visitor. They went to buy food, treats and a litter box for the kitty. "It's a great cat. One of the most friendly cats I have ever been around."

No one came to claim the cat so they decided to find him a good home but not before the kitty offered some "help" around the office.

TJ Widbin

The fluffy tabby surely made himself at home there.

He offered employees some cuddles and purrs during work and put a big smile to their faces.

TJ Widbin

The kitty chose one of the offices and stayed there to give the employee some purrsonal assistance.

He walked right into the room, jumped on the desk and made himself comfortable behind a computer monitor.

TJ Widbin

The little supurrvisor!

"He (wouldn't) leave my office."

TJ Widbin

Over the weekend, they took him to the vet to get neutered and found him a good home. "The cat was adopted by our boss's daughter," Widbin added.

The kitty came to them one day in need of love and a home. He walked around the office like he owned it and offered employees "help". The smart little guy found his way into his forever loving home.

TJ Widbin

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