The Ginger Prince

The Ginger Prince


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Mao (it means cat in Mandarin) the ginger kitty is quite the character. He has a mousie named Stuart which he kicks, grapples and naps with. If you give him a toy, he will go after it. If you bring something new into the house, he will investigate it. What Mao loves the most is staying close to his daddy, hanging out by the computer whenever his dad is using it. He offers help and points at the screen, telling dad what to do.

Is it a trait of ginger cats? Mao seems to have an exceptional amount of energy that he primarily uses to chase moving objects and kick and bite stuffed toys. He runs around the house like he owns it all. After hours of playing, he doses off like a little baby that you can't help but look and sigh.

Mao is running the house like a little prince, and his dad is so proud to have a kitty like him.

Photos courtesy of ©Eric Thalmann (flickr: 1suisse).

Mao vs Stuart

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