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They Have Been Inseparable Since the Day the Puppy Got the Kitten Out of Shelter


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They have been inseparable like two peas in a pod since the day the puppy got the kitten out of the shelter. This is them growing up together through love and snuggles.

The two cuddly buddies!

At 3 months (left), 5 months (right)Courtesy of @raven_and_woodhouse

"When Raven, the Tamaskan, was a puppy, we took her to a shelter where she picked out her kitten buddy, Woodhouse," their human mom said.

Raven met four kittens at the shelter and she immediately went up to Woodhouse. The two instantly hit it off and Woodhouse left the shelter that day for good!

More info on Instagram @raven_and_woodhouse | YouTube

The day Raven adopted Woodhouse at the shelter. They bonded instantly!

Courtesy of @raven_and_woodhouse

Raven began to teach Woodhouse the art of hugging.

Courtesy of @raven_and_woodhouse

They do practically everything together, even travel together!

Here, Woodhouse and Raven are drinking from a bowl of water, together!

Nap time is never alone time from the start!

Courtesy of @raven_and_woodhouse

Woodhouse's warm belly makes Raven a happy puppy :).

Courtesy of @raven_and_woodhouse

Waking up together in the morning, holding paws!

Courtesy of @raven_and_woodhouse

Woodhouse decided to have a go at Raven's Cone of Shame.

Courtesy of @raven_and_woodhouse

Woodhouse always makes sure the humans keep it down when his bestie is trying to sleep.

Courtesy of @raven_and_woodhouse

Cuddling is a constant in the house. It's rare to see one nap without another.

Courtesy of @raven_and_woodhouse

All grown up now! Two besties holding paws and loving their life together!

Courtesy of @raven_and_woodhouse

Woodhouse tries to nurse on Raven.

All the love!

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