Family Adopts Blind Cat and Takes Him to Shelter to Find Friend He's Been Longing for (with Updates)


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They adopted a rescue cat after his surgery to remove his ruptured eyes and took him to the shelter so he could find a friend that he'd been longing for.

Meet Martin Tucker the cat.

Courtesy: Raye Ann Tucker and Markeeta Tucker

Martin had a rough start in life. He was an indoor/outdoor cat with an eye infection. When his eyes got really bad, he was not let into his home. A neighbor, who watched Martin go blind and fight for food and shelter, took him in and called for help.

Lets Adopt Global, a rescue group that saves animals globally, took Martin in, treated him and flew him to the US for his new home and forever humans, Raye Ann Tucker and Markeeta Tucker.

"When Martin arrived in our home we tried to introduce him to our 14 year old Miss Kitty. Unfortunately Miss Kitty was an only cat for 14 years and she immediately vowed to hate Martin's guts for the rest of her life," Tucker told Love Meow.

No matter how hard they tried, Miss Kitty refused to let her guard down. "This made blind Martin very sad. He cried outside her bedroom door every day while she stood on the other side hissing and being very angry that he existed."

All Martin wanted was a friend.

Courtesy: Raye Ann Tucker and Markeeta Tucker

"We decided the only thing left to do was make a trip to the local Shelter. We explained the problem and how we wanted to adopt but needed Martin to meet the potential family member before we brought him or her home.

"After All, the last thing we needed was to have three cats who couldn't stand each other!"

Courtesy: Raye Ann Tucker and Markeeta Tucker

As they were headed to a "greeting" room at the shelter, they passed several barking dogs but Martin, who had lived on the streets for months, was not bothered at all.

They first brought in a kitten, but after leaving the kitty in the room for 15 minutes, they realized it was not a good fit. A few other cats were also brought in, but somehow they had very little interest or interaction with Martin.

Courtesy: Raye Ann Tucker and Markeeta Tucker

"Then comes this pretty two year old tuxedo cat. This guy was great. I picked him up and he gave me the sweetest little kiss on my face," Tucker told Love Meow.

As soon as she put him down in the room, Mr. Pinkerton walked right over to Martin.

Courtesy: Raye Ann Tucker and Markeeta Tucker

"They smelled each other and touched noses. Martin started to walk away and Mr. Pinkerton followed. There was zero aggression, no nervous twitching and no apparent annoyance in either one of them.

"We let them hang out in that room for about half an hour. It was as if they were already friends. Absolute and complete comfort and ease. And we knew that this was the guy."

Courtesy: Raye Ann Tucker and Markeeta Tucker

They paid the adoption fee, and the two boys have been inseparable since.

Courtesy: Raye Ann Tucker and Markeeta Tucker

"The day we brought him home the boys stayed in the same room. Mr. Pinkerton ran into the spare bedroom and hid under the bed," Tucker told Love Meow.

"Martin just laid down in the doorway of that room until Mr. P decided our house was safe enough to come out from under the bed."

Courtesy: Raye Ann Tucker and Markeeta Tucker

Now the two boys sleep in the same room every day, and even share the small cat bed.

"We cannot put them in separate rooms or they cry and cry and cry. Mr Pinkerton has a VERY VERY loud cry. Mr Martin has a squeaky little cry," Tucker told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Raye Ann Tucker and Markeeta Tucker

Martin can't see but that doesn't stop him from doing things like any other kitties.

A loving home, a best friend, good health and constant cuddles... Martin is the happiest he's ever been.

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