Vehicle Starts Meowing, They Are Surprised by What They Find


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It was quite a surprise when these guys from an auto repair shop heard meowing coming from one of their clients' cars. As they popped open the hood, they saw a tiny kitten curled up inside the engine compartment.

"It was very fortunate that the engine could not start."

Courtesy of David Han

The car was towed to the shop because the engine failed.

"My dad, sister and I saved her from a Volkswagen Caddy vehicle which had been towed to our motor vehicle workshop and we heard her meowing and found her inside the engine compartment," David Han from Singapore told Love Meow.

"She was just a few weeks old. It was fortunate that the engine couldn't start. We can't imagine what it would have been like if it did."

Courtesy of David Han

"She was brave enough to stay in the vehicle while it was being towed all the way here," Han told Love Meow.

The kitten was very scared after they got her out to safety. It took a while for them to calm her nerves but eventually they were able to give her a bath to wash off all the dirt.

Courtesy of David Han

They made a makeshift cat area for the little kitten to play and sleep. Soon she came out of her shell and started rolling around on her back when she saw her rescuers.

That was the moment they knew the kitten had chosen them to be her family, and they named her Toriko.

Courtesy of David Han

She grew by leaps and bounds. They got her spayed and gave her toys and comfortable beds to rest in.

Courtesy of David Han

Toriko spent some time at the shop, supervising her humans when they worked and gave them snuggles when they needed a break.

Courtesy of David Han

Now she has grown up into a beautiful lady cat.

Courtesy of David Han

She still has a bit of feral in her, but Toriko has come a long way and has a big family that loves her to bits.

Courtesy of David Han

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