Cat Takes in Weak Stray Kitten and Starts Caring for Him


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When they brought home a tiny rescued kitten, their cat came over to him and started caring for him right away.

"We laid the kitten in the bed because he was weak, she climbed in and joined."

Photo: Codyleeakers

"Roommates brought home a kitten that was dumped out on the road, nearly starved to death," imgur user Codyleeakers said.

They took the kitten to the vet and got him cleaned and treated.

"As soon we brought him home, our cat instantly adopted him and went into maternal mode."

Photo: Codyleeakers

"She constantly keeps bathing and he'll push her face away after he gets tired."

Photo: Codyleeakers

Their cat seems to know that the little kitten could use some extra TLC.

She smothers him with baths and plenty of love.

Photo: Codyleeakers

The kitten isn't used to all the attention from his kitty friend...

Photo: Codyleeakers

But he is purring along and happy to be loved.

Photo: Codyleeakers

They just know when someone is in need. Share the love!

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