This Cat and His Old Man Go Motorcycling Together! Made My Day Completely!


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Ryunosuke the cat goes motorcycling with his old man! They share a special bond.

Ryunosuke, a family cat from Japan, loves to go motorcycle riding on his human's shoulders. Just 10 seconds into the video (below), I awww with contentment by the close relationship between the old man and his beloved cat. It’s like a grandpa hanging out with his grandson. The smiles on his face when they go on a trip together are infectious. You can’t help but smile along with him too.

[Scroll down for video]

On a typical day, Ryunosuke hops up on his human's shoulders to go for a fun motorcycle ride...

"I'm Ryunosuke, the motorbike cat!"

Then they make a stop at a playground and spend some time together playing on a swing set.

By the end of the day, Ryunosuke rewards his human for the wonderful outing with a kitty massage.

Watch video: Ryunosuke the cat and his old man go motorcycling together!

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