3-legged Warrior Kitten Finds Love in Vet Student and Can't Stop the Cuddles


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A tiny 3-legged wonder kitten found love and comfort in a cat loving man, and the kitty can't stop the cuddles!

Meet Armani, the little warrior kitten!

Photo: Raphael Mattoso

When Armani came into this man's life, he was without one of his hind legs, but the little fur baby adjusted and made do with three just fine.

He learned to walk on his three paws like a champ. Raphael Mattoso, a vet student from Brazil met the little guy and was touched by his amazing spirit to live in such a tiny body.

"He is a warrior cat! He doesn't realize that he doesn't have a little leg! He does it all!" Mattoso said.

Photo: Raphael Mattoso

Little Armani exploring his new home!

There's nothing he loves more than cuddling with his human dad.

Photo: Raphael Mattoso

More snuggles. He naps like this every day :).

Photo: Raphael Mattoso

Little Armani giving his human a bath.

Whenever Mattoso is home, Armani curls up in his lap for a nap.

Photo: Raphael Mattoso

Armani attempts to help his human with his work as a vet student.

Photo: Raphael Mattoso

Photo: Raphael Mattoso

Armani follows his human around and guards him wherever he is.

"The trust we have cannot to be put in words. I love my little warrior cat."

Photo: Raphael Mattoso

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