Tiny Ginger Finds Protective Canine Furiend

Tiny Ginger Finds Protective Canine Furiend


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This tiny ginger fuzzball bonds with a big dog who helped rescue her from a grass hut.

It was a summer day, Irina M. and her dog Collie were out on a walk. They spotted a small hungry kitten in a hut. "Veterinarian did not give assurance that it will survive. But she really wanted to live and quickly recovered," said Irina. Collie took to the little kitty and became a very protective friend.

Kitty is a bit shy at first:

"Don't worry. I will protect you."

They soon become close furiends.

"You are MY doggie now!"

They found her a permenant home and named her Bree.

Photos by ©Irina Makushina via Good Morning Kitten.

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