Toby (The CVS Rescue Kitty)

Toby (The CVS Rescue Kitty)


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I would like you to meet Toby. A co worker and I rescued him at my work- CVS. A woman in the pharmacy told me that there was a terrified kitten in the pharmacy drive through. I wasn't able to go out side at the time so I had a co worker bring a box and head outside to help the little guy out. My co worker came in with a tiny 4 week old orange kitten. Here's is the first picture I took of him:

First photo of TobyMayanna Westfall

There were no shelters accepting animals and no animal hospital open or willing to take him, especially on a Sunday evening. I decided that I would hold onto this poor little thing until I could find him a good home.

I kept Toby in the bathtub that first night, he wasn't eating, and I knew he was hungry... I watered down his kitten wet food with kitten formula (milk) and since I didn't have a bottle I dipped two fingers into the fix and let him lick/suckle my finger. I knew he was sick, so i made sure to wash my hand with hot water and soap before feeding him and after so I wouldn't get my other kitty sick.

The first picture i took of Toby when I got home that evening.Mayanna Westfall

We took him to the vet first thing in the morning. They told us that he had a severe eye infection and an ulcer forming. They also said that he's starting to get a severe upper respiratory infection. They gave me several topical and oral medications and told me to come back in a week.

3 days of treatment. Eye still infected, but he's buzzin' around like crazy!Mayanna Westfall

One week later, Toby had put on a little weight and was actually a little chunk and ornery as hell! ^^^

For the next several weeks, Toby was being treated for his ailments. $400 later (2 weeks) there was Toby:

3 weeks later! Mayanna Westfall

Toby and I both had it rough with 4 hour apart medical and feeding times. I got no sleep and this poor kid got no rest either. 2 months total for his treatment. The photo above, he was still being treated topically for his ulcer.

Today, Toby still has a scar on his right eye and has a little trouble seeing but he is NOT blind in it, and he's doing well. Several months ago Toby was sick with a 'cold' and we took him to the dr. We found out that Toby has herpes which is quite common among cats, especially when young and exposed to it. He will always have herpes, but for him that means he will have frequent colds, stuffy nose and watery eyes. We keep our home extra clean and make sure nothing gross gets onto Toby's face or around for him to eat. He's a wonderful cat! My other cat still doesn't really care for him but they get along! :)

Here's a video I made to celebrate his 1st birthday which was May 1st, 2016. We rescued him on May 31st, 2015. Please enjoy!

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