Two Baby Clouded Leopards Make Debut At Nashville Zoo

Two Baby Clouded Leopards Make Debut At Nashville Zoo


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Two teeny Clouded Leopard cubs were born on April 30 at Nashville Zoo. They are being bottle fed by the Zoo's animal care staff.

"Due to deforestation, pet trade and poaching, Clouded Leopards are considered to be endangered in their native range of Southeast Asia and China." Recently they have been listed as extinct in Taiwan. Nashville Zoo joined a clouded leopard conservation program to help save this species from extinction.

Here are the two little cubs. Their eyes are not yet opened.

(Edit) Zoo Borns wrote: "Introducing Clouded Leopards to potential mates is difficult due to the cat’s reclusive disposition. Males are often aggressive and have been known to attack and kill potential female partners. To reduce fatal attacks, cubs are hand-raised and introduced to mates at a young age."

Photos via Zoo Borns.

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