Warehouse Cat Finds Her Way into Kind Person's Home and Decides She isn't Going Anywhere

Warehouse Cat Finds Her Way into Kind Person's Home and Decides She isn't Going Anywhere


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A warehouse cat found her way into a kind person's home and decided she wasn't going anywhere.

tabby kitten snugglesPandora the catStephanie Grantham

A few months ago, Steve was in his company's warehouse when he noticed a little tabby running up to him, meowing for attention. The young cat was hungry, dirty, and instantly affectionate with him.

She rubbed against his legs and was very vocal. Steve scooped her up and brought her into the office. Immediately, the kitten charmed everyone she met.

When they managed to get her a plate of food, she wolfed it down enthusiastically while making "nom nom" noises with every chomp.

stray kitten officePandora was found in a warehouse and then brought into the officeSparkleCatRescue

The little one had never met a stranger, turning the place into her playground. After getting her fill of food and playtime, she jumped on a desk, plopped down next to a keyboard, and drifted off to sleep.

No one knew how the kitten got there, nor did anyone come to claim her. There was no sign of a mother cat or siblings.

sleeping tabby kitten deskShe fell asleep on a desk after getting a full bellySparkleCatRescue

The office workers purchased supplies for the kitten and contacted their local rescue, Sparkle Cat Rescue, for help. "She was about six weeks old and super sweet. She was extremely playful and curious," Stephanie Grantham, president of the rescue, shared with Love Meow.

The kitten, named Pandora, was immediately cuddly with Stephanie when they got in the car.

kitten purrito cuddlesPandora was on her way to her foster home with StephanieStephanie Grantham

She curled up on her lap, wrapped in a towel, basking in the moment. Stephanie took her home as a foster, thinking, "It won't take long for her to find a forever home."

In one week, Pandora gained half a pound and a ton of playful energy, with which she scampered around the house until she wore herself out.

sweet tabby kitten snugglesShe became an instant lap catStephanie Grantham

After a flurry of activity, she sought out her foster mom and nestled on her to recharge. Whether Stephanie was on the couch or at her desk, Pandora liked to wriggle onto her lap to play and snuggle before succumbing to slumber.

The feisty kitten learned to play nicely with the help of another kitty and an assortment of toys.

playful kitten mischiefStephanie Grantham

Pandora continued to demand attention from her foster parents and followed Stephanie around like her personal assistant.

When she heard the printer spooling, she hopped onto the desk, inspecting the paper as it emerged.

kitten printer office catStephanie Grantham

She shadowed Stephanie around the house, always ready for a cuddle. As soon as her human sat down, she jumped into her lap or her arms. She was feisty, sassy, rambunctious, and very snuggly.

Pandora inserted herself between the computer screen and the mouse, offering her human some feline wisdom.

kitten computer office catPandora decided to help when Stephanie was on her computerStephanie Grantham

A few weeks into foster care, Stephanie found herself falling deeper in love with the little rascal.

"She's just a wonderful girl who keeps us entertained. I've thought about it for a month, and it's time to make it official. Pandora is a special, crazy girl, and she and I have a unique bond."

fluffy funny lap catStephanie Grantham

The long-haired tabby, who came in as a foster, never left the house as it had become her forever home.

Pandora has blossomed into a mischief-maker, holding her humans' shoes hostage before they go out. Her tail has bloomed into a magnificent bushy feather duster.

cat guards shoePandora held Stephanie's shoe hostage when she tried to go outStephanie Grantham

Pandora showed up at the warehouse on that fateful day, claiming every inch she touched. She found her way into Stephanie's loving arms, and the rest is history.

tabby cat big tailHer tail has bloomed into a magnificent feather dusterStephanie Grantham

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