"What I See When I Am Getting Out Of The Shower"

"What I See When I Am Getting Out Of The Shower"


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"What I see when I am getting out of the shower," said Kyoeus via reddit.

"I was surprised see them sitting on my towel. you would think the wouldn't want to be anywhere near running water. I just couldn't resist snapping a picture of them."

"I generally leave the door cracked because of the steam so they snuck in. The sound of the water must've fascinated them but seeing me just only lead to confusion. 'That's for drinking silly,'" she added.

"They are American shorthair cats, so they really don't shed. This was the first time they ever really came into the bathroom too. I think they were trying to leave hair on it so they can 'claim' me as their property."

What the human sees when she is getting out of the shower...

Photo via imgur.

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