Why do Munchkin Cats Like to Stand on Their Hind Legs

Why do Munchkin Cats Like to Stand on Their Hind Legs


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Flickr: AlleyKitten

Munchkins are perhaps the perpetual kitten cats. They have short legs and a small body. They are famous for standing on their hind legs like a meerkat or ferret, looking and surveying around.

Why do Munchkins like to stand on their hind legs?

Click to watch the video below - Several gorgeous and adorable Munchkins waste no time to demonstrate their stand-on-hind-legs skills.

Munchkins' short legs give them the best apparatus to stand firmly without tilting off. They can sit on their hind legs when they stand up while keeping their body perfectly balanced. By standing up, they are able to look around at a higher vantage point. Also, because of their short legs, Munchkins exhibit a hopping-like gait which is very darling and amusing to watch.

Did you know that when Munchkins are facing off a much larger animal, they are able to evade the situation by running under the big animal's legs. Their unique physique gives them an edge when it comes to dealing with an animal of a much taller and larger size.

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