Woman Hugs Cat No One Would Touch and Changes His Life by Love.. (with Updates)

Woman Hugs Cat No One Would Touch and Changes His Life by Love.. (with Updates)


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A kind-hearted woman gave a shelter cat a hug that he had longed for. She took him out of the facility and found him a second chance at life. The sweet affectionate kitty began to turn around by love.

Meet Valentino.

John Hwang

While Elaine Seamans was visiting the medical at Baldwin park shelter, she came across a mange-ridden feline that was in such bad shape that his eyes were crusted shut.

"It killed me to see him in that condition, knowing how defeated he must have felt," Elaine told Love Meow. "I opened his cage door after being shocked by his appearance. He stood up and almost fell over but he turned and came to me."

Valentino reached out his little paw and made the tiniest cry for help. Elaine wasn't afraid of his illness and held him in a warm embrace that he had longed for.

She got in touch with Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Pets Behind to see if they could take him in. "I heard his little cries for help over the phone and my decision was made... We cannot let him die."

John Hwang

Despite not being able to see, Valentino knew what it was like to be loved. After Tony picked him up from the shelter and brought him to the vet, he was so grateful to get some relief from the pain that he kept purring and snuggling up a storm.

"We would come to learn that he was suffering with Sarcoptic mange, ringworm and a host of so many other medical issues. He was severely underweight at just under 6 pounds and extremely dehydrated," Leave No Pets Behind said.

Leave No Paws Behind

Just one week after his rescue, Valentino could finally see. They saw the most gorgeous eyes from this sweet little guy.

Valentino is always eager and very vocal when it comes to meal time. He loves it when the vet gives him treatment and massages his skin. His purrs resonate throughout the room as he is so happy to feel better.

Leave No Paws Behind

One month since the rescue, Valentino has made huge progress. He has put on almost two pounds and his body seems to be accepting nutrients.

Loving some head scratches. Look at that smile!

Leave No Paws Behind

"We should begin to start seeing this boy pack on the pounds. Doc tells us he should weigh anywhere from 13-15 pounds so he still has a way to go."

Valentino LOVES his food.

Leave No Paws Behind

"His fur is beginning to grow back... he now has a strong voice. He has a way to go however he continues to improve and once he is healed he will be neutered and have a much needed dental."

Leave No Paws Behind

"In spite of it all, he is the most loving, grateful and sweetest little fella ever and he is so grateful for his Gift of Life and Love and excellent medical care," Leave No Pets Behind said.

Valentino is loving his new scratching couch.

Leave No Paws Behind

"In just 2 weeks, when his treatments are completed, he will be heading home to our loving and life saving foster mommy where he will continue to heal and grow stronger!"

What a difference love can make!

Leave No Paws Behind

Valentino's new favorite!

Share this story with your friends. If you would like to help with Valentino's medical expenses, click here to see how you can help. Follow his updates on Facebook at Leave No Paws Behind.

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