Woman’s Home Completely Destroyed in Wildfire But She Finds Her Cat—“It was really surreal!”

Woman’s Home Completely Destroyed in Wildfire But She Finds Her Cat—“It was really surreal!”


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A family lost their home in the devastating wildfires in Napa, California. Their cat was nowhere to be found during evacuation.

Laura Ringenberger returned to her neighborhood to look for her missing cat, and something remarkable happened.

Laura Ringenberger

On the day of their evacuation, their cat, Kitty Kitty Star, went outside and was nowhere to be found despite Laura looking everywhere for her. As the fires were getting close to her family, it became a life and death situation.

"I called for her for about 20 minutes but couldn't find her. I worried that we would never see her again," Laura told Love Meow.

Among many homes that were lost to the fire, Ringenberger's house was completely destroyed. They weren't able to get back due to the roads being closed and the fires still being strong.

The whole time, they were thinking about their cat, hoping to return to find her.

Laura Ringenberger

When Laura was finally able to return last Wednesday, she immediately began her search for her beloved Kitty. As she was approaching her property, she couldn't hold back her tears, seeing the aftermath of her neighborhood. Her heart sank.

Laura called out for Kitty Kitty Star while she was surveying the rubble that used to be her home. She couldn't help but worry for the worst. Then suddenly, a familiar meow came from afar.


Laura called her cat's name again, and it responded back. She quickly turned towards the sound, and there she saw a tiny face poke out from the rubble. It was Kitty Kitty Star, and she was alive!

"She came out about 20 minutes after we got there. I called for her for a while. Eventually I heard her off in the distance, crying. It was really surreal," Laura told Love Meow.

"The fact that she was OK, and she was right there. It was a crazy moment."

Laura Ringenberger

"I have never heard her so vocal," Laura said. "I felt relieved because I would've had the guilt for the rest of my time, had I not found her."

Laura gently picked up her cat and consoled her that everything would be OK. Kitty Kitty Star curled up in her arms and turned into a mush while getting some much-needed neck scratches.

Watch the reunion in this heartwarming video:

Despite having lost everything they'd owned, they considered themselves lucky because everyone, including their cat, is safe.

Kitty Kitty Star on her way to a temporary stay until they rebuild their new home.

Laura Ringenberger

Laura's daughter cuddles with her kitty, making up for lost time.

The sweet calico couldn't be happier.

Laura Ringenberger

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