2 Cats and 3 Kittens Found New Loving Home

2 Cats and 3 Kittens Found New Loving Home


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Two stray cats had been hanging around Patti Haskins' house for months. The two cats, one grey and white and the other one grey striped with blue eyes, also frequently visited Patti's neighbor's. However, they are not able to do more than just putting food out. When Patti discovered that the grey cat had given birth to 3 little kittens, she thought something had to be done.

"One had her kittens and the other was taken to the vet's office for spaying. So Katie, the grey striped came in after surgery and then we scooped up Mom and kids and brought them in. Now we have seven cats, two dogs and three kittens in the house," said Patti.

"Katie is making herself at home. She doesn't like the other cats though and lets them know all the time. It is one big hissing time here. Mom is tired. Those kids are at her all day, just pulling and sucking and mewing. Poor exhausted mom."

The kittens are growing bigger and stronger each day. It's wonderful to see that they are now no longer outdoor strays and have a place they can call home.

Photos courtesy of ©Patti Haskins (check out Patti's Esty site here).

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