3-legged Cat Appreciates When Her Human Scratches the Spot She Can't Reach

3-legged Cat Appreciates When Her Human Scratches the Spot She Can't Reach


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This cat is missing one leg. She loves it every time her human scratches the spot she can't reach.

Meet Refurb the three legged cat!

Photo: Refurb the cat

"My cat's missing her back right leg, and really seems to appreciate when I scratch the spot on her chin that she can't reach," Refurb's human dad said.

"Scratching that spot on her chin that she can’t reach by herself while she makes this face and starts drooling."

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"She wiggles the stump, I scratch the ear she can’t reach, she feels like she did it herself..."

When Refurb was just 6 weeks old, she was trampled by a horse and abandoned at a shelter out in rural Minnesota. That's where she found her forever human.

"(The Animal Humane Society) did a great job patching her up. She's grown up to be quite a mobile little tripod, doing all the normal cat stuff that cats do, with the added bonus of looking ridiculous while she does it," he said.

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"When I first met her at the shelter, she was recovering from having her leg amputated."

Photo: Refurb the cat

She's all grown up now and has adapted to living with three legs very well.

Photo: Refurb the cat

"She really knows how to make me feel appreciated, like by letting me scratch her chin while staring at me like this the whole time."

Photo: Refurb the cat

Refurb adores her human dad and sometimes will stay in his lap for as long as it takes. "Legs have long since fallen asleep. Can’t reach food in kitchen. Dehydration setting in..."

Photo: Refurb the cat

"Trapped under a cat that's too adorable to move."

Watch video:Refurb trying to scratch.. aww!

"I skritched that head for a while after the video ended," her human said.

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