4 Little Fuzzballs: Mattie, Sadie, Hank and Otto

4 Little Fuzzballs: Mattie, Sadie, Hank and Otto


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Christine took in four teeny 4 week old kittens that needed foster care. They were little ones with big personalities and attitudes. "They came to us without names, so we opened up Bruce's iTune's library and picked some," says Christine.

Otto the grey fluffy one was the largest and probably the most sane of the group. Hank the brown tabby and the second largest of the litter seemed to be always fearless and adventurous. He would climb everything in the house. Mattie was the black one and had the sweetest heart out of all the fosters that Christine had come across. Sadie was the grey tabby and the smallest of the four but what she lacked in size she made up for vocally.

The four buddies totally took command of the house. They played with each other, snoozed together and always asked Christine and her family for that extra attention and love. They were having the time of their life at their foster home.

With help from Toronto Cat Rescue, all four kitties found their forever loving homes. Mattie and Otto were able to be adopted together. Sadie the runt of the litter grew into a beautiful cat but went to the rainbow bridge due to illness. She and her new family became so close that she lived her fullest during the time they spent together. Hank absolutely adores his new home and is loved and spoiled like a king.

Photos courtesy of ©Christine Gittings (flickr: gittingscToronto Cat Rescue).


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