6 Itty Bitty Foster Babies

6 Itty Bitty Foster Babies


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Maggie the rescue cat who gave birth to six lovely fuzzballs is a very busy mama nursing and caring for her babies everyday. Her hard work has paid off. In just a week, the kittens are already opening their eyes, much earlier than their foster parents expected. Very soon they will be wobbling their little body and exploring their surroundings. They just can't wait to hop and play.

All six babies just got their names: Macushla, Declan, Cillian, Finnegan, Fergus Simon, and Ciara

Maggie was rescued by Challenger’s House in Toney, Alabama. You can see more updates on her and her babies at Robyn’s blog Love and Hisses.

Photos courtesy of Robyn Anderson (flickr: RobynAnderson).


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