A Happy and Thankful Rescue Kitty, Then and Now!


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Little Bobby the kitty is thankful for a warm home, good food and people who love her. After she was born, she became an orphan and needed undivided attention from a caretaker in order to survive. She came to Kelli, a vet tech, who knew that she had to save the little bitty one, despite how demanding it would be to raise a baby kitten.

Bobby was given a second chance at life. More info on flickr alice_browndog.

This is Bobby, an orphan baby. She is in good hands now!

Photo courtesy of Kelli

At 4 weeks old, Bobby learned to eat on her own and started venturing out of her bed. "She is a brave and confident little babycat!"

Photo courtesy of Kelli

Kelli brings Bobby to the vet clinic every day and now she's become a real clinic cat. "She continues to have everyone at the hospital wrapped around her itty bitty kitty paws. She is becoming quite the little clinic cat, running to greet clients whenever she gets the chance, 'helping' to recover our dog patients as they recover from anesthesia, and sometimes acting as a fill-in or diversion for people when we have to take their pet away for a few minutes to take x-rays or draw blood. she is such a joy!"

Photo courtesy of Kelli

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