A Kitty with Luck on Her Side

A Kitty with Luck on Her Side


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Written by ©Lisa (flickr: Yamanize).

Lucky was found in Giddings, Texas abandoned in the middle of the night by herself. The story of finding her was quite an adventure, involving some very worried cows.

It was late at night and the cows in the neighbor's pasture were mooing loudly as if they were in pain. My mom and her friend left to check to see what was going on, without telling my friend and I, who were inside, where they went. When I noticed that they were gone I left with a flashlight to go find them. I went over to the cows, but I took a different route then my mom and her friend went. I was walking with my flashlight and I heard a strange noise. I waved my flashlight back and forth, and there on the ground was a little kitten, about a week old, laying down crying.

I picked her up without hesitation, and quickly I found the rest of my party and met up with them. We went back to the house together with the lonely kitten. Once we were inside, the cows' distress calls subsided.

We rushed to the gas station later that night to look for kitten milk, so we could give the little one the food she desperately needed. We decided to keep her in our home until we found her a good family.

My good friend took her in and she is now super hyper and a big adorable girl.

Photos courtesy of ©Lisa (flickr: Yamanize).

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