A Young Man Spent 4 Hours Rescuing Stray Kitten from a Car


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A stray kitten got into a young man's car while he was at work.

He wrote: "I was about to leave work when I noticed there was a kitten who had gotten into my car, I was trying to get her out but she was running around the car terrified and she ended up going into hiding on the dashboard.

I was afraid of her getting stuck. I've seen her for a while eating my garbage and my first instinct was to save the little guy.

After 4 hours of trying to get the kitten out and removing the dashboard she decided to come out thanks to the amazing power of Tuna. This is the little kitten we saved. She's a little girl." (imgur)

The story didn't just end there. He took the kitten home and named her Noelle.

"A stray kitten got into my car while I was at work. After 4 hours of trying to make it get out of the dashboard, and in the process of removing the dash. She decided to come out. She's a healthy shy stray kitten. Come meet our little girl!"

He brought the kitten home and named her Noelle.


"She now owns the place... and my sister's wallet."

Photos via imgur.

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