Abandoned Bobcats Rehabilitated in Unusual Way

Abandoned Bobcats Rehabilitated in Unusual Way


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A few months ago, three bobcat kittens were found abandoned and were rescued and taken to the Princeville Pet Hospital in California. The three bobcats needed help from the staff in order to survive without a mother.

The clinic gave them an medical exam. Though it was not easy, all the kittens were healthy and ready to be put into a temporary sanctuary at the Wild Life Education and Rehabilitation Center for the next six months.

During these six months of rehabilitation, the bobcats were provided an unusual treatment to help them grow and mature - a human surrogate mother dressed up in cats' clothing and used rosemary to mask her human scent before she entered the sanctuary. By doing so, the bobcats were able to maintain their wild animal instincts without being affected by the human interference. Her job was to care for these bobcats until they are ready to be released.

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Image via flickr: dbarronoss

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