Abused Kitten Saved by Police

Abused Kitten Saved by Police


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A tiny black and white kitten was found abandoned in a box outside Thornhill Road station in Handsworth, England. The kitten was heavily covered in glue and another kitten from the same litter suffered a terrible spinal injury. The situation of the kittens was dire when they were discovered. It was apparent that someone physically tortured the kittens and relinquished them afterwards.

The kittens were found by police officers and rushed to RSPCA where staff helped wash off the glue adhering all over a kitten's body. The other kitten was too severely injured to be saved and had to be put down. The survived kitten was then named "Sticky" for the ordeal she had gone through.

One of the police officers, named Luke Thomas is a huge animal lover who already owns two dogs. Hoping to stay close with Sticky, Luke found a home for her where he will get to visit often. Sticky will be loved and cared for by Luke's girlfriend Marianne's family in Erdington, England.

Luke is an police officer with a big heart for animals. He urges people to help abused animals and adopt shelter animals so that they will be given a place they can call home.

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