Alpha and Beta, Two Little Tigers

Alpha and Beta, Two Little Tigers


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Alpha and Beta, two little tabby babies were found when they were less than two weeks old. The two orphaned sisters were brought to a lovely foster home where they befriended Kitzy and Tibby who are also rescues themselves.

Andreea, their foster mom bottle fed the babies around the clock. Just a week later, they were strong enough to explore the room and that's when Beta discovered Kitzy's dinner and plunged right into the food.

Alpha and Beta grew up without their cat momma, but they surely found their surrogate moms in two stuffed animals - the mama monkey and mama bear. They loved to latch on them and nurse on them. When they were tired, they leaned on them for a nap.

Alpha found a loving home and her brand new big sister, Coca. Beta was adopted one week after Alpha to a lovely family. "I already miss them," said Andreea.

Photos courtesy of ©Andreea (flickr: andreeainjapan).

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