An Unexpected New Kitten and Her 2nd Chance

An Unexpected New Kitten and Her 2nd Chance


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A kind person walked into a store, hoping to get a carrier for her cat, but what she didn't know was that she would come out with a new kitten in her arms.

"My friend who was caring for her went to the store in Manhattan to find a carrier for one of her two cats, and a woman had brought Flosshilde in. She'd found her mewing all alone in a backyard in Queens and didn't know what to do with her. My friend has fostered lots of other kittens before, and couldn't refuse the tiny little bundle of fur. She took her home, cleaner her up, figured out what she would eat, took her to the vet, etc. She's a spunky little kitten, full of energy and curiosity," said Kirsten.

"She will be up for adoption about the middle of next month, though she'll still be quite young then and need the extra care that small kittens need," Kirsten added.

Flosshilde is glad to be safe

Flosshilde meets teddy


"My teddy!"


"Would you take me home?"

Photos courtesy of ©Kirsten (flickr: catasterist).

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