Bao an Elder Cat Who is Young at Heart

Bao an Elder Cat Who is Young at Heart


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Bao is the oldest member of Faureing's family. She lives with six other frisky felines and loves sharing her parents' bed with Flik the cat.

Bao loves anything that her parents use such as their bed, computer, books, magazines, anything you name it. She likes to hang out by the laptop and watch her mommy surf the internet. Her eyes will follow the cursor on the screen. When she sees something that fascinates her, she will grab it with her cute little paws.

When she wants to take a nap, she will use the laptop as a pillow and rest her body on it like that's what the computer is meant for.

Bao is turning 15 this December, but she is still very playful and loves to make antics around the house. Deep down she thinks that she is still a kitten at heart.

Photos courtesy of ©Faureing.

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